bblogocast 200BB Yacht was formed in Antalya Free Zone in 2009 in response to demands from a client - in his words - "he was fed up with dealing with shipyards".

He wanted to try something else. So did we.

Every aspect of the build of those first boats was controlled by the architects, engineers and designers who conceived them.

One might liken this to putting a bunch of foxes in charge of the chickens, and in some respects this is true. Because this shipyard is run by people who are not only enthusiasts, but also design yachts themselves, we expect much, much more - of everything that matters to us, and coincidentally our customers.

More attention to detail.  More communication between the designer and the yard. More creative solutions to production issues and problems. More access to primary design and engineering tools to make sure we do it all properly.

But also - More transparency in the way the business is run. More access to the real numbers behind the builld.  More flexibility throughout the process with respect to changes and developments.

You might think that these are unusual (or even unnatural) expectations from the operators of a shipyard. They are. But we believe very firmly that what is good for our customers today is good for our business for the future.

Our job here is to deliver an excellent product, not an excellent profit. Our aim is to earn the second, in time, by delivering the first EVERY time.  

  • A fully integrated creative 3D design process, including full developmental, engineering and construction modeling
  • A track record of successfully delivered projects from under 6m to over 60m spanning 11 countries and 25 years
  • Real world experience building in materials including GRP, carbon fibre, aramids, aluminium, steel and wooden composite 
Building a modern yacht is a team sport. It is an activity that requires total commitment from all involved.
The Owner, Naval Architect, Interior Designer, Project Manager, Builder, Classification Society, and a host of Sub-Contractors all have to participate in a closely choreographed dance. Clear objectives, excellent communication and understanding of the “other guy’s” job forge these disparate professionals into a winning team.

Our team of Naval Architects, Designers, Engineers and 3D Modelers includes people from industries as diverse as automotive & aircraft to furniture & interiors, as well as yachts.

Our team of technicians includes certified RINA, LR, BV and DNV fabricators, fitters, welders, electricians, and FRP techs. 

This mix gives us tangible advantages when it comes to delivering complex structures for one off, or low volume production.

I value the opportunity to show you a little of what we are up to here at BB Yacht.

Thanks for your interest and welcome to the site! 

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